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The Golden Connect is a project that is fuelled by love - love for our parents, love for our grandparents, love for all the elderly uncles & aunties we have had the privilege of knowing.

Our intention is to ensure that our elders live life to the fullest, joyfully and on their own terms.

In the process, we are hoping to preserve the wisdom and simplicity of their generation and

pass it on to future generations.

The Golden Connect community is a safe space that provides seniors an opportunity to share their stories, connect with peers, learn new things, have fun, and focus on their emotional well being.

We want them to SEE and BE SEEN. 

We do this through events, individual growth projects and by building an ecosystem of support

to the community members. 

Our approach is holistic, purposeful and fun.

After 60 could be your best life. 
Choose to be GOLDEN. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

To break barriers that suggest a number - your age - defines an individual's capabilities.

To build a framework that focuses on the emotional well-being and holistic developmental needs of older adults, by creating an ecosystem of partners who believe that it is not a number - your age - but it is the mind, the talents, the creativity and wisdom that defines a person's  identity.

Old Friends
Elder Couple

Our Vision

Inspire societies to preserve a culture of inclusion and connectedness to our elders 

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